Applied Legal Project Management

Leading Toward a Global LPA Certification

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Applied Legal Project Management eLearning Program

The Institute believes in practical and in-depth education that can lead to your professional recognition with a globally-recognised LPM certification.

Join us to get insights into the Legal Project Management (LPM) discipline that provides critical skills for those working in legal project teams or supporting legal matters, and get a toolbox of 12 workplace templates that can improve your legal practice and results.

This Applied Legal Project Management online course offers 20 key learning modules, over 20 videos and 12 downloadable workplace modifiable templates to use, meeting the educational prerequisites to gain the Legal Project Associate (LPA) global LPM certification.

This eLearning experience will give you insight into the roles, life cycle, knowledge areas and key tools used in Legal Project Management, as an introductory insight towards enhancing your career to be involved or support legal matters. It is designed for legal project team members, lawyers, para-legal professionals, forensic specialists and consultants working in the legal profession or related fields.

Legal Project Management (LPM) is the application of project management principles and practices to enhance the delivery of legal services.
LPM recognises that legal matters are projects, and in order to plan and execute projects consistently and effectively, they should embrace project management practices. This not only increases efficiency, and utilities technology, it enables fixed price legal services and other alternate fee arrangements.
Whilst neither the legal profession nor the project management disciplines are new, there has been a global wave of interest in legal project management practices. So what is the sudden catalyst for law firms to take a project approach to legal matters? Well, it simply comes down to client market demands for alternate fee arrangements (AFA), and particularly fixed price legal services. This is because a move from the billable hour requires more rigour in planning, an understanding of identifying the legal matter costs upfront, determining the client price, and being able to deliver the matter on time, on budget and to the specification required. This may require risk management, issues management, variation management and variation management.
LPM however goes beyond just AFA, as a study conducted by the International Institute of Legal Project Management across 9 countries of legal project management practitioners found that LPM covers not only implementing a more formal project approach, but also incorporates process improvement, technology integration and an emphasis on the soft skills to better engage key stakeholders.
This course is a prerequisite educational program for attaining the international level of Legal Project Associate (LPA) certification, which can be gained by completing the optional assessment and submitting the LPA certification application with the additional fee (US$147) payment.

The Course Content

It includes over 20 Learning Segments that comprise:

  1. About the Course
  2. Introduction to Legal Project Management
  3. Beyond Project Management Principles
  4. PM Standards and the 10 PM Knowledge Areas
  5. The Legal Matter Life Cycle
  6. The Legal Matter Categories
  7. Legal Project Management Methodologies
  8. Legal Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
  9. An Introduction to the Work Breakdown Structure
  10. Matter Scope Management
  11. Matter Schedule Management
  12. Matter Cost Management
  13. Implementing Fixed Price Legal Services
  14. Implementing Values-based pricing
  15. Matter Human Resource Management
  16. Matter Quality Management
  17. Matter Communication Management
  18. Matter Stakeholder Management
  19. Matter Procurement Management
  20. Matter Risk Management
  21. Professional Recognition in Legal Project Management

It includes the following Additional Resources:

  • Short 10 question assessment
  • Certificate of Completion (once completed the education and questionnaire)
  • IILPM Code of Ethics
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Glossary of Acronyms

It includes over 12 Microsoft® Word-based Templates (made available as downloadable templates) that you can use for personal use or for work use (although you cannot distribute them, make them available on a public online forum or on-sell them) that include:

Define Phase

  1. Definition Brief template
  2. Work Breakdown Structure template

Plan Phase

  1. Minor Matter Plan template
  2. Risk Management Plan template
  3. Quality Management Plan template
  4. Communications Management Plan template
  5. Human Resource Allocation Plan template
  6. Stakeholder Management Strategy template

Deliver Phase

  1. Progress Status Report template
  2. Variation Request template
  3. Issues Register template

Close Phase

  1. Matter Close-Out Report template

This educational experience will help you understand the importance of Legal Project Management to increasing efficiency and delivering a more robust legal matter process, as well as learning how to improve the practice management process.

The total eLearning course and physical toolkit bundle cost is discounted to US$697 and normally US$997 (although taxes may apply in different countries when processing the payment).

The course contents are aligned to the global Legal Project Management Competency Framework, which provides a global standard for guiding the development of all LPM education courses, and covers the IILPM LPM Framework.

After the completion of this eLearning course, you have completed the educational prerequisites for the Legal Project Associate (LPA) certification.

After completion of this course should you wish to further develop yourself, you can do the Advanced Legal Project Management upgrade program to work towards the Legal Project Practitioner (LPP) certification and the internationally-recognised Diploma of Project Management qualification (all certification and qualification applications require an additional fee, and the LPP requires workplace prerequisites, and the Diploma requires workplace evidence).

This course is required to be completed within 18 months.

We look forward to helping you accelerate your career and build industry relevant and world-ready competency skills.

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Your Instructor

Todd Hutchison
Todd Hutchison

Known as the Corporate Mechanic, adjunct Associate Professor Todd Hutchison is an international bestselling author, certified speaking professional (CSP), global consultant, awarded project manager, and behavioural expert. He is also a qualified private investigator.

Todd leads the global management consultancy and training company Peopleistic with offices in Australia and the United States. He was formally on the international Board of Directors of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and has been recognised as the leading project management expert in the Worldwide Who's Who 'Global 101 Top Experts' publication. His business expertise is recognised by a listing in the Who's Who of Business in Australia.

Todd was the first Fellow of the Project Management Institute in Australia (FPMIA), and also holds fellowships with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), Governance Institute of Australia (FGIA), and Leadership Western Australia (LWA), as well as being an Adjunct Associate Professor with Business Education Institute, with adjunct status also at Edith Cowan University and Curtin University. He also is involved teaching at MBA level.

He is qualified in engineering, project management, contract management, business, commerce, information technology, professional coaching, company directorship and education, and was the first degree qualified person in legal project management worldwide. He is now progressing a PhD in business behavioural sciences.

Todd has worked as an advisor, consultant, trainer and practice manager for law firms, and in-house Counsel. He has worked in over 160 organisations across 13 countries, and is the residing Chairman of the International Institute of Legal Project Management.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this course take?
The course can take up to 21 hours if you read all the contents, watch all the videos, and complete all the optional assessment activities. This means that the course meets the educational requirements towards the Legal Project Associate (LPA) certification and a Government-approved Certificate IV in Project Management Practice.
How long do I have access to the course?
The course is expected to be completed within a 18 month period, however extensions are generally granted.
How do I get Globally Certified?
This course meets the prerequisites for the education requirements for the Legal Project Associate (LPA), which will require an additional payment and application: The LPA certification costs an additional US$147.
What if I have additional questions during the course?
You will be allocated a professional coach to answer any questions via email.
Do I need to do the assessment?
No, unless you wish to get the Certificate of Completion that is issued automatically when you complete the 10 essay questions. The assessment is a simple 10 question multiple choice questionnaire. It is mandatory for you to validate that you have met the educational requirement to apply for a LPA certification.
What is the quality of the course content?
This comprehensive course provides all the education requirements and workplace templates to work in legal project teams or support legal matters.
Does this Relate to My Career?
This training and qualification is designed for lawyers, legal project managers, paralegals, practice managers and those working in legal environments who are leading or aspiring to lead legal matters and projects within a legal environment.
Am I Eligible?
There are no prerequisite entry requirements for this training.
What Can I Achieve?
The Applied Legal Project Management eLearning program provides the educational prerequisite to gain the Legal Project Associate (LPA) certification.
Do I Get any Workplace Tools?
You will be given access to a number of workplace designed templates to help plan and deliver legal matters.
When can I Start?
The online enrolment and credit card or PayPal payment system gives you immediate access to the course. The eLearning is available 24x7. The IILPM Head Office will contact you soon after to allocate your coach.
What if I Need a Human Being?
Once enrolled in the eLearning course you will be allocated a certified LPA and experienced coach who will correspond via email.
What if I want to get the LPP or a Diploma
On completing this course, you can do the upgrade to the Advanced Legal Project Management course that adds more context and meets the educational requirements of getting a Legal Project Practitioner (LPP) certification and the Diploma of Project Management.

Applied Legal Project Management

Leading Toward a Global LPA Certification

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