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World First Lawyer Specific Behavioural Profile

Based on the Extended DISC world acclaimed behavioural system, this personalised behavioural profile provides you a customised insight into your natural behavioural style and your adapted style to see how you are performing and get knowledge of how you can improve.

The DISC model was developed by lawyer and Harvard psychology professor Dr William Moulton Marston and first referenced in his 1928 book, however behavioural profiles showing 4 dominating traits have been documented for over 2,500 years.

This personalised profile report and eLearning course package includes:

  1. An online behavioural profile where you will be sent an email link to complete it within 24 hours of enrolling;
  2. A customised 26 page personal Behavioural Report that you will receive electronically;
  3. An eLearning course that includes 9 learning modules and 4 videos.

It provides insight to whether:

  • you are performing to your potential;
  • areas that your adapted style is aligned and not aligned to your natural style;
  • you feel you understand your current role;
  • your confidence in your current employment; and
  • whether you are currently frustrated.

It will give you clarity as to your career positioning and the criteria needed to excel, as well as typical areas of legal practice that are well suited to the style.

Take the steps to accelerate your success, get on the fast track and know your strengths and how they help you perform.

This is the closest document to a personal instruction manual for your own style.

Your Instructor

Todd Hutchison
Todd Hutchison

Known as the Corporate Mechanic, adjunct Associate Professor Todd Hutchison is an international bestselling author, certified speaking professional (CSP), global consultant, awarded project manager, and behavioural expert. He is also a qualified private investigator.

Todd leads the global management consultancy and training company Peopleistic with offices in Australia and the United States. He was formally on the international Board of Directors of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and has been recognised as the leading project management expert in the Worldwide Who's Who 'Global 101 Top Experts' publication. His business expertise is recognised by a listing in the Who's Who of Business in Australia.

Todd was the first Fellow of the Project Management Institute in Australia (FPMIA), and also holds fellowships with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), Governance Institute of Australia (FGIA), and Leadership Western Australia (LWA), as well as being an Adjunct Associate Professor with Business Education Institute, with adjunct status also at Edith Cowan University and Curtin University. He also is involved teaching at MBA level.

He is qualified in engineering, project management, contract management, business, commerce, information technology, professional coaching, company directorship and education, and was the first degree qualified person in legal project management worldwide. He is now progressing a PhD in business behavioural sciences.

Todd has worked as an advisor, consultant, trainer and practice manager for law firms, and in-house Counsel. He has worked in over 160 organisations across 13 countries, and is the residing Chairman of the International Institute of Legal Project Management.

Course Curriculum

  Getting Access to Your Online Survey
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days after you enroll
  The Neuroscience Behind Success
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days after you enroll
  About the Behavioural Sciences
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on enrolment and you get to access immediatelt to the self-paced online course that offers text and video. Your enrolment will trigger an email to the IILPM who will then send you out the access code and password to complete your online behavioural profile. On completion of that survey the IILPM will check the results and email it to you in PDF form usually within 24 hours.
How long do I have access to the course?
The online course remains active for at least 18 months.
Is this for me?
The profile is designed for anyone working in law, whether that is private practice, government, and through corporate internal counsel. It will help lawyers, paralegals, legal project managers, practice managers and other legal professionals get insight into their performance and ways to increase their results. It is even useful to law students contemplating which law disciplines may be suitable.
Are all Lawyers the Same?
The behavioural profile analyses you against 160 styles. Whilst lawyers are generally dominating in two behavioural traits: stable and compliant, you will have a behavioural blend that will show your specific areas of achievement and flow where you use less energy and accelerate your success.
Does my Natural Style Ever Change?
Generally it will show your Natural (Core) style you were born with, and compares that to your Adapted Style, which is your perceived need to adjust in your current role and work environment. The intent is to learn how to select roles or play those roles aligned to your Natural style so you can do them easier, with less energy and with more passion.
Don't I Change in Every Different Role I do?
You do consciously adapt to work roles and environments. This is referred to as your Adapted Styles. This report will show how your adapted style aligns to your Natural Style, and if it is not aligned, give you insight to what you need to do to get into a better performance state.
What Language is the Survey Questions?
The login into the profile enables you to do the profile in 50 languages.
What language does the report come in?
The report is generated in English. It is 26 pages long.
Why have you added an eLearning course?
The online course gives you context to performance and the theories related to neuroscience, psychology and behavioural sciences to give you insight that will help you make an informed decision to make changes in your life to create a more exciting and fulfilling career.
Can it help me select a legal practice area?
You can arguably work in any legal discipline, however your behavioural profile can indicate areas that are more aligned to utilise your strengths. The report does provide examples, and more importantly indicates the criteria of how to select a role.
What does DISC stand for?
DISC was coined by Dr William Moulton Marston who was a lawyer and a Harvard psychology professor. DiSC is an acronym and the letters D, i, S and C stand for: D - Dominance or Driver, i - Influencer, S - Steadiness or Security, and C- Conscientiousness or Compliance or wanting to be more Correct. In fact, the tool will identify which 160th profile you are matched to, given the many variants of the DISC behavioural blends. Whilst this report using the Extended DISC model, it also overlays a 8 profile model to give you insights to your wealth profile?
Do I have to watch the videos?
Not necessarily, but it gives you more insights to explain key things about your style that are not covered in your report, such as your blind sports, and fear sensitivities that through having the insight can help you accelerate your achievements by being conscious of how you think and act.
Can I get a personal face-to-face debrief?
That option is available at an additional cost where an internationally certified behavioural profile will do a 2 hour Skype-based one-on-one debrief with you. This allows you to get more personal insights to your actual situation.
What is in the customised behavioural report?
The report is generated in English and is 26 pages long. The report includes: 1. performance theory; 2. your natural style profile graph; 3. your adapted style profile graph; 4. a graph showing your behavioural blend; 5. confirmation of whether you feel secure in your employment; 6. confirmation of how feel you feel you know your job; 7. insight to your frustration level; 8. information on how to improve your performance; and 9. your wealth profile. The theory covers: 1. the 3 success factors; 2. DISC theory; 3. how to perform better; and 4. motivation methods.
How do I know if the behavioural report is accurate?
The report uses a validation score to indicate its accuracy.

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