Legal Project Management Template Package

Modifiable Microsoft Word/Excel-based templates for Legal Practice and Personal Use

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Legal Project Management Template Package

This package provides over 45 Microsoft® Word-based Templates (made available as downloadable templates) that you can use for personal use or for work use (although you cannot distribute them, make them available on a public online forum or on-sell them) that include:

Define Phase

  1. Definition Brief template
  2. Matter Proposal template
  3. Work Breakdown Structure template

Plan Phase

  1. Minor Matter Plan template
  2. Major Matter Plan template
  3. Risk Management Plan template
  4. Quality Management Plan template
  5. Communications Management Plan template
  6. Quality Management Plan template
  7. Organisational Chart Tool template
  8. Human Resource Allocation Plan template
  9. Stakeholder Management Strategy template
  10. Procurement Strategy template
  11. Negotiation Strategy template
  12. Fee Schedule template
  13. Pre-Deliver Phase Checklist template

Deliver Phase

  1. Work Breakdown Structure Tracker template
  2. Progress Status Report template
  3. Risk Register template
  4. Issues Register template
  5. Cost Tracker template
  6. Action Item Register template
  7. Variation (Change) Request template
  8. Variation (Change) Register template
  9. Legal Project Team Kick-off Meeting Agenda template
  10. Legal Project Team Meeting Agenda template
  11. Legal Project Team Meeting Minutes template
  12. Client Meeting Agenda template
  13. Client Meeting Minutes template
  14. Contractor Meeting Agenda template
  15. Contractor Meeting Minutes template
  16. Contractor Scope Instruction template
  17. Contractor Progress Status Report template
  18. Lessons Learnt Register template
  19. Responsibility Assignment Matrix template

Close Phase

  1. Matter Close-Out Report template
  2. Close-Out Phase Checklist template
  3. Lessons Learnt Report template

Other Templates

  1. Career Professional Development Plan template
  2. DISC Behavioural Sampler Tool template
  3. Team Member Skills Matrix template
  4. Legal PMO Analysis Checklist template
  5. LPM Methodology Analysis Checklist template
  6. Legal Project Manager Position Description template
  7. Document Review Request template
  8. Agile Backlog template

We look forward to helping you with workplace templates that will improve your workplace tools and capabilities.

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Your Instructor

Todd Hutchison
Todd Hutchison

Known as the Corporate Mechanic, adjunct Associate Professor Todd Hutchison is an international bestselling author, certified speaking professional (CSP), global consultant, awarded project manager, and behavioural expert. He is also a qualified private investigator.

Todd leads the global management consultancy and training company Peopleistic with offices in Australia and the United States. He was formally on the international Board of Directors of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and has been recognised as the leading project management expert in the Worldwide Who's Who 'Global 101 Top Experts' publication. His business expertise is recognised by a listing in the Who's Who of Business in Australia.

Todd was the first Fellow of the Project Management Institute in Australia (FPMIA), and also holds fellowships with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), Governance Institute of Australia (FGIA), and Leadership Western Australia (LWA), as well as being an Adjunct Associate Professor with Business Education Institute, with adjunct status also at Edith Cowan University and Curtin University. He also is involved teaching at MBA level.

He is qualified in engineering, project management, contract management, business, commerce, information technology, professional coaching, company directorship and education, and was the first degree qualified person in legal project management worldwide. He is now progressing a PhD in business behavioural sciences.

Todd has worked as an advisor, consultant, trainer and practice manager for law firms, and in-house Counsel. He has worked in over 160 organisations across 13 countries, and is the residing Chairman of the International Institute of Legal Project Management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with these templates?
The templates are provided in modifiable format. The licence always for personal use and the implementation of these templates in the purchaser's employment environment.
What am I restricted to do with these templates?
The copyright specifically does not allow for: 1. any further distribution beyond their own or their legal practice’s use, 2. any display or public access to these templates; 3. any sale of the templates or these rights; 4. any licensing of the templates; and 5. any transfer of the templates or these rights.
Can these templates be modified?
The templates can be modified in all ways to suit the purchaser's application need. This includes rebranding.
What are the templates designed in?
The templates are designed in Microsoft Word format.
How do I access the templates?
The templates can be downloaded once logged in.
How long will I have access?
Your account will be kept accessible to you for at least 12 months.

Legal Project Management Template Package

Modifiable Microsoft Word/Excel-based templates for Legal Practice and Personal Use

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